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Our approach to covid-19

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Here at Oakwood House Care, the safety, wellbeing and above all else – the health of our residents and staff are our number one priority. With this in mind, we have set out a detailed and comprehensive contingency plan to respond to the coronavirus outbreak.

This page details our guidance and the protocols we have in place to keep everyone safe.

We are now welcoming new residents into our care home and our team are on hand to discuss any concerns or specific questions you have to help you inform your decision to find care for yourself or a loved one.

Admissions & Testing

We assure you that before admitting new residents, they will have spent the first 14 days in a safe quarantine area within the home and only after a negative screening for symptoms of COVID-19, will the new resident enter the main home.

While this does mean that new residents will remain in their room for the first 14 days, our team will ensure that they have varied activities to occupy them physically and mentally, constant care and in-room dining services.

Based on government guidance, any resident admission or re-admission will be tested before being accepted into our home. We have detailed protocols in place depending on the outcome of a COVID-19 test, to ensure the safety of all our residents and staff.

We are testing residents once every 28 days as standard practice, and all staff weekly.

For comprehensive information about coronavirus itself, you can visit Public Health England.

Government Guidance around Visitors

We will follow Government Guidance, currently visitors are not permitted inside our Care Home setting, apart from exceptional circumstances. This will help us ensure that infection control measures are adhered to.

Visitors Permitted in designated spaces

Entry to visitors where essential, are subject to our strict conditions and the Care Home managers’ right to withdraw permission at any time without notice, if they feel that either our residents or our staff’s safety is at risk.

Our COVID-safe spaces

When visits are available, we have COVID safe spaces, in our gardens and a room within our home that allow non-physical contact between a resident and a visitor. We hope that reuniting some of the residents with loved ones, will be welcomed by all – and apologise if this can’t be made possible for specific residents, with specific sets of ailments or circumstances.

If deemed necessary, we may need to temporarily close these spaces to visitors if a local lockdown scenario arises and on guidance from the local authorities and Government.

Keeping all safe

It is vitally important to ensure that we keep you and your loved ones safe, medical visits will be authorised, with strict controls in place which will include: All wash their hands-on arrival, asking if any symptoms are present and taking their temperature on entry.

Video Communication & Technology

Our home is set up for Video calling through WhatsApp for you to keep in touch regularly with loved ones. More details are available by contacting us at the home.

Guidance for those visiting our home

Subject to Government Guidance, all permitted visitors must adhere to the following set of guidelines.

  1. If you are displaying symptoms, please do not visit.
  2. Washing Hands. We ask all to wash their hands thoroughly before they visit the home, and on regular occasions when you are inside the home. Wash for a minimum of 20 seconds, using hot water, soap or a minimum of 60% alcohol sanitiser gel.
  3. We will take your temperature and provide you with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that must be worn at all times.

Protecting our residents and staff

All of our staff are trained in infection control and the signs to spot when identifying COVID-19. We have a clear process should a resident or member of staff show any symptoms.

If a resident is showing symptoms, we will follow medical advice and move the resident into our safe quarantine area within the home. Only after receiving confirmation of a negative screening for symptoms of COVID-19, will we welcome them back to the main home. The resident will be cared for using stringent infection control practices and with the correct and appropriate level of (PPE) until we are confident that they are not contagious.

Our staff have been fantastic throughout the outbreak and to better protect and support them we have in place sick-pay if they need to self-isolate at any point, in line with Government guidance.

Confirmation of Cases

Should the main area of our home be impacted by COVID-19, you will receive a letter to inform you that the home has been affected. The communication will outline our process to ensure safety. If we need to contact you about your friend or relative, we will call and discuss this with you on a confidential, one-to-one bases.

Residents Wellbeing

Of vital importance to us and the welfare of our residents is a programme of social, physical, mental and spiritual activity. Often, we would use external suppliers to provide these services to our residents and were we feel the risk is too high; we have halted this specific type of external visitors. These have been replaced with new meaningful activities delivery by our activities teams, such as games, reminiscence, gentle exercise, craft sessions and film afternoons where physical distancing can be maintained. For a full list of all of our new wellbeing measures, please contact us.

Standards of Care

The high standard of care that we provide is our priority.

We are regularly reviewing our processes and are actively engaging inspections from regulators. Regular monitoring and the communication of the outcomes from inspections to our residents and their loved ones is done through regular meetings with all parties, sometimes socially distanced, sometimes through virtual meetings.

Up-to-date news

With developments changing rapidly, we’re trying to communicate regularly based on new information as and when we receive it. If you need clarification on any of the measures and protocols we have in place, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All information is known to be correct as of 16th July 2020.